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The company, founded in 2012, has developed a know-how for the recycling of fishing nets out of abandoned and / or confiscated materials. The company is committed to proposing the recovery of plastics made of nets, proposing a closed loop and sustainable system relative to fishing nets abandoned and / or seized, a rejection that causes the Italian ports of management problems.
With regard to the know-how developed by our company, Omega Plastic Srl specifies that the company has repeatedly found that the Department of Marine Environment of the Ministry of the Environment has considered this initiative to be valid and worthy of attention, making its contribution normative-technical. On the occasion of several meetings with Codest Department of Marine Environment of the Ministry of Environment, the Department has been able to observe how the proposed activity by Omega Plastic Srl is consistent with Article. 5 of D.Lgs.182/2003 "Implementation of EC Directive n. 200/59 concerning port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues "and the Legislative Decree no. 152/2006" Consolidated environment "and the requirements of current legislation relating to waste shall, in agreement to the EU guidelines, actions to favor the recovery and recycling of matter in the face of the landfill, and, in this context, that it fits into the initiative put in place that has the following objectives:
•  to provide free withdrawal of fishing nets in ports;
•  to transport the same nets to the head office in Battipaglia;
• to provide for the storage of the same nets according to the different types of polymer, to perform the volume reduction consisting in cutting and packaging and trituration with subsequent selection of the product obtained (it is still waste) according to the different types of polymer;
• to send the nets cut and packaged to authorized companies for subsequent extrusion and polymerization in order to obtain raw material that can be reintroduced in the plastics industry;
•  to make a proposal for a virtuous chain and subsidiary of a material that is a problem for all the Italian and foreign ports;
• to recycle materials which have now reached the end of life, otherwise destined for incineration or landfill;
•  to recover waste materials and waste that, once selected and properly treated, can be reused as a raw material in the production cycle and then take on a new and important market value.

OMEGA PLASTIC paves the way for a new idea of sustainability capable of creating value not only for the company itself, but also for the environment. The proposed project stems from the belief that sustainability should not only be experienced as a result, but rather as a way of thinking and being. With the launch of this new initiative we are going to develop a new business model in which we try to produce a closed loop waste system that resolves many management problems for which, with a view to a different use, one can think to have a strong response in environmental and economic terms.


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